Thursday, July 19, 2007


Last night the guys from Geekson! Dropped by for an interview. Geekson is a cool website with a weekly podcast on all things geeky and fun here's their website discription:

Geekson is a weekly show created by geeks, for geeks, covering topics that geeks like to talk about. Movies, Sci-fi, Video Games, Comics, TV, Internet, Board Games, RPGs.... it's all here at

I had a great time with Matt Aaron Peter and Don. They came by my studio and we did an interview, that really just felt like a fun hang out to me. I'll have an update when the interview will be posted.


foosh said...

wow... look at that collection behind you guys!!! you should post some pics to show us what you have chosen to collect...

Dave Pressler said...

Check out a cool site: guillotine
They have a project right now where they feature artists studios.
They will have mine up there in about a week.

foosh said...

good looking...
that is an amazing site!!!