Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm working furiously to prepare for SDCC. Munky King will be unveiling The Angry Clobber Monkey this will be my first wide release vinyl toy. Also the Stupid little Robot Buddy is slowly coming to life. Come by the Munky King booth I'll be there too!


foosh said...

man... the clobber is amazing!!! i think i found someone to get me a robot buddy since i can't make it myself... you going to have any prints available of him? this design is awesome, and would be a perfect addition to my collection

Dave Pressler said...

I think I will have some prints available!

Dave Pressler said...
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foosh said...

then i am going to have ask my "mule" if they can grab one for me too... sign it for foosh? hehehe

Laurie M. said...

Wow, awesome work! So will they be available everyday or only at a certain time?

Dave Pressler said...

I will be suppling the MK booth with
all that I make they will have them
every day until they sell out.
I'm making them right now!