Sunday, September 16, 2007


The prototype is all taken apart, I think he is pretty much retired, but I will use it for reference.

In the same way you build a wooden model airplane by pinning the parts right onto the plans, I like to do the same with sculpting. I layout the template to make sure the things are the right shape. I measure the height of the core with calipers to make sure there’s at least an inch for adding clay. Now with the foil core in place I’ll start applying the clay. I like to microwave the block for about 2.5 minutes. This way there is liquefied clay in the center and very soft clay on the outside.

Dig into the middle and spread the first coat like peanut butter. Once the first even coat is applied. I’ll start a little smoothing to get it in shape, not too much we’re still in a very rough “Getting the basic size and shape “ part of the sculpt.

With the side view I’ll check the height, length, and width, adding rough lumps of clay as indicators. With all the indicators in place I’ll build up more bulk just using more rough lumps. This is called “roughing out the shape”

After adding lumps, the shape is basically there, give or take a few areas. Now I can do a little smoothing, mainly to find uneven areas, and start the refining of the form. Using my big flat stick, I’ll just start planning it down using the tip and the flat area of the tool. This is an area where most people need advice when they start sculpting, how to get the clay smooth. It’s done in steps. Vary the direction of your strokes, vertical, diagonal, horizontal etc.

Next we will get into blocking out where the parts will go.

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