Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So I have found a bit of difficulty documenting, and posting the projects I’ve been sculpting. The one’s I’m working on now can’t be shown, and a couple of the past projects that I haven’t documented as well as I would like because I’m too busy sculpting them. The NJ Monkey King was the fist step by step that I started in earlier entries. I just didn’t have enough coverage of the process.

I’ve settled on the perfect project to document step by step. The Angry Clobber Monkey
Is going to be my first wide vinyl release. The prototype has been well documented.
Now I must do a re-sculpt. In vinyl production there is usually about 10% shrinkage from the master sculpt to finale toy. The size he is now is perfect, so I want the new master to be 10% larger along with smoothing out some of the lumpy bits. I’ll start by photographing the piece from all angles straight on, then cut out the views and enlarge the images by 10% in Photoshop. These will be the turnaround reference art. Also this new piece will be done in Chavant Clay.

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