Thursday, September 20, 2007


As the form is being built up and planned down. We always have to keep an eye on the shape and the size. After smoothing it with a flat stick, I’ll use the flat wire rake, then use one of my favorite homemade tools the cable rake. It’s basically a cable housing (Like a bicycle brake) looped into a brass tube.

This helps to bring down the shape in nice even strokes.

I’m lying the sculpt down on the art to check the over all shape. I’ll add a centerline to drawing and a line to indicate where the arms will live. Always keep an eye on the center line of your sculpt, the basic landmarks of where everything will go. I ultimately like my finished pieces to be a little hand made looking, with some looseness in the sculpt. But that can come later after a firm foundation of symmetry is set.

I detect a little wonkyness, it’s a little bigger on the right side. Focusing on the centerlines and making the 2 halves match can fix this. Next I'll even out the 2 sides and map out the other parts of the figure.

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