Monday, October 29, 2007


Now the body is in good shape. The shirt has been etched out, now I’m going to start laying out the wrinkles of the shirt. Using the sculpt of the original character for reference. Cloth wrinkles can be tricky, but finding reference for good bends, folds and sags in cloth are easy to find.

I’ll start laying out rolled up clay snakes and push them onto the form. A little bit of additive sculpting. Making them bigger then sculpting them down to size. Creating the shirt will be a combination of carving out depressions, and joining and smoothing the outstanding ridges.

The thing I hear people wanting to learn about the most is “How to get the sculpt smooth” I’ll keep covering that technique as it comes along during the project. So let’s smooth out the shirt! It’s just a matter of taking the clay and gradually pushing it down, joining it to the surface with the tool that works best for you.

Start with larger more blunt strokes, then with a medium rake take it to the next level.

Lastly using the finest guitar string rakes. The final finish is done wiping down with a natural sponge and 91% Alcohol.

Study the details of your work under a harsh light, the shadows will reveal many things. Look for any shapes that don’t look quite right, maybe something needs more smoothing, building up or sculpting down.

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