Thursday, October 18, 2007


Now that the body is roughed out, I have to make sure it’s that right shape. Yes it’s a gumdrop but the slope and angles have to be right. The height, width and length are all there so now we can measure the thicknesses as the shape descends.

First I’ll find some solid landmarks. Where the neck starts is a god one. The calipers can mark off the right height, then a horizontal line across. We measure these two points to find if the width is correct.

Adding and subtracting clay to get it right. Since the finished result will be like beat-up copper it doesn’t need to be smooth like glass. Using the big cable rake I’ll bring it more into “smooth” shape. I never go all in one direction, a weird pattern will start to develop. The video clip shows the random pattern.

Another way to get a shape just right would be to spray mount the sculpt art to cardboard or foam-core. Cut out the picture and use it as a template.

I measure the points where the t-shirt lives on the figure, and etch it in. A little more light raking, then I smooth it out with a smooth wire tool.

I scratch in some of the lines of the metal plates. Then smooth it with 91% Isopropyl
Alcohol on a sponge. I’ll get more detail in later and make the plates un-even with depth and texture, rivets and what-not.

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