Thursday, April 9, 2009


As the face was coming together it was time to insert the eyes. It’s necessary to have a full hard plastic half sphere the eyeball remains consistent.

Hey it’s children of the damned! This is the initial positioning of the eyes. The orbs will be the perfect size when they are set back in the head. All of Mark’s girls have very large saucer eyes. Also you notice there is line etched in the center of the face. At this point it’s important to define where the center of the face is.

After gouging out a socket for the eye, I started to rough out the lids and brow ridge.

This is the part where it takes the most concentration. To keep smoothing, comparing to the art and getting the face just right. At this stage I use smaller loop tools. It’s almost like doing cross hatching on a sketch, removing very little clay.

Having a small mirror helps to make sculpting the symmetry and ears easier.
Study the mirror view and copy it.

The mouth was not working out. Mark and I had some conversations about the mouth being cuter and more full. Sometimes for me the easiest thing is to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with a new idea. Never be to precious with your sculpts! Always be ready to slice off a nose or chop the mouth off. It feels like “Oh my god, but I put so much work into that!” If it’s not working it’s just in the way. Besides doing it a second time is always faster, you already did it once.

The new mouth was based on another of Mark’s sketches. More full “Sexy Innocence” if you will.

Again with the freeze spray. Once the shape is right I want to start tightening the detail. The circuit freeze is again my best friend. Freeze up the clay and sculpt it while it is rigid. Repeat as necessary.

Another good technique for attaining symmetry, turn the sculpt upside down. The new perspective will reveal areas to address.


wjacott said...

Hi dave! so cool all your stuff... did you have a flickr account or any other way to keep you on the eye?

Walter jacott aka Chauskoskis

Xavier said...

I probably just missed this in your exquisite explication, but what kind of clay are you using here?