Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Swedish game magazine LEVEL no. 36 has a nice little piece on my custom NES Advantage joystick I created for the "I Am 8Bit show" in 07. Thomas Sol Sunhede from Level no. 36 sent me a scan of the page.

Here is the article translation:

"This is not an copy like the rest but rather a nice "development" of the original. This piece was shown at the exhibition I am 8-bit in Los Angeles. With it's $700 price it is probably the most expensive of all NES advantage versions and it sure makes you want to take out the paint bucket again. LEVEL now wonders when the first Swedish joystick remake will pop up on Tradera (our Ebay). This writer has already sold a pink SEGA Saturn and a black Amiga but without any great profit. You'll find more funny art at davepresslerart.com."

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