Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The roughing out of the body, legs and arms. The figure has to balance on it’s own before the sculpt can move forward. The foot positioning was going to be the solid foundation for the figure. I arranged it so the right foot was flat and the left foot toe made contact with the ground to form a solid triangular base.

The legs and butt form a flat table top for the body to rest. The bell shape of the dress is solid in the interior and has a flat level surface. You can see a line on the forehead this is to center the head body and legs. When the sculpt is converted to vinyl there’s no way to control any shifts the material will make over time. Figuring out which parts will be rotocast “Hollow Vinyl” or injection Solid plastic. Any part that bears weight will usually be injection plastic.

Tiny arms tiny hands. Check out the previous post where I go over how to set up the armature wire with thread: http://davepresslersculpting.blogspot.com/2007/11/sculpting-arms.html Getting the tiny fingers with finger nails is going to take allot of freeze spray and a magnifying glass.

The rough arm and hand taking shape. I ran into a piece of armature wire (I hate that!) It got buzzed down with a dremmel tool.

Checking that the arms are the same size. And the pose matches the original panting as closely as possible.

My work space in 2006. Hmmm cluttery!

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