Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The new release of the Anthony Ausgang "Bomb Cat" figure by Munky King is very exciting in many ways.   Anthony and I first started working on this way back in 2001.  I was just starting to get into vinyl character sculpting, I really wanted to do it but didn't have any contacts.  Anthony was a good friend and I loved his character work, I thought one of the cats would make a great vinyl figure, at the time I was just talking about producing them in resin that was all we were capable of then.

I found some pictures of the work in progress.  Wow, talk about a time warp.  The mirror was set up for the old-school technique for sculpting two sides and making them relatively symmetrical.  Also the little color TV with the illegal cable hook up.   I can tell it was a while ago I'm not wearing glasses yet.  That was my little studio in my 2 bedroom Apartment on Edinburgh Ave in the Fairfax area.  Many of my early creating happened in that back room, plus I had quite a parade of prestigious artist drop by, Camille Rose Garcia, Luke Chueh, Brendan Monroe, Long Gone John, Fawn Gehweiler, Craig Larotonda, Jack Howe, Pam Roberts, it was quite the Grand Central Station of LA Pop artists

The clay I was using was not sulphur free it took me a while to discover the NSP that I use today.

Munky King did some nice cleaning up of the old sculpt there were some things that were not as tight as I remembered, but I did want to keep the original as true as possible.  Can't wait to see it in person.

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Sara (Perry) said...

Awesome. Wish I could make stuff out of clay. But the only clay I can ever get my hands on is either play-doh, or the kind that NEVER dries up.