Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Two new paintings will be debuting at Vertical Gallery in Chicago this Aug 3rd.  The two pieces are titled "Sometimes I Stand And Stare" and "Four Robots Who Just Heard A Joke They Don't Understand".  The larger of the two Stand and Stare is a further exploration of clouds, sunset color pallets and imaginary skies.  

Earlier in the process I was just blocking out the color shapes of the clouds.   Then working around to where the sunlight would be emanating, then placing the robot.

 The concept for the show is interesting:

Vertical Gallery and Thumbtack Press are partnering together to produce an exciting group show at Vertical Gallery (1016 N Western Ave., Chicago). The exhibition, “The Economics of Art 2013” August 3 – 31, comes from the incredible proliferation of mediums that art is available on today. It's truly a unique moment in the history of the economics of art, so the show will not only explore the various forms art can take, but how those forms affect value. It will open the conversation for understanding the value of original work, hand-painted multiples, editioned work, and open edition prints. For the new collector, entering this new art market can be a confusing experience, and for the experienced collector, there are numerous opinions.

This exhibition will feature essays on the topic of art value in 2013 along with 12 artists showing their work in all the mediums. We'll allow the collector to purchase their work as the original, edition, or open edition.  

And of course "Four Robots Who Just Heard A Joke They Don't Understand" another study of robotic stupidity.  These will also be released as high quality prints at the gallery.  Right now I'm not sure if my schedule will permit me to be there, but I'm always looking for a good excuse to go to Chicago.


Sara (Perry) said...

Very awesome!

Oh hey, I didn't know Gart was in this. xD

Dave Pressler said...

Thanks! Most likely one of his distant cousins.

Jessica Franco said...

Simply gorgeous. All of your work is so amazing. I personally love your style, and am honored to be in collaboration with Mr. Adam Silverstein on the petition for Robot and Monster. If you don't mind me asking, what software was used for animation by your production team? I would have contacted you more directly rather than through a comment, but I could not seem to find a correct avenue for such correspondence. Anyways, back to your art work. "Sometimes I Stand And Stare" is brilliant, can you imagine if it covered an entire wall? I'm talking an enormous wall. I also really like the "Four Robots Who Just Heard A Joke They Don't Understand". I think robotics is a very interesting concept, specifically the idea of creating a sentient being with high-end technology, and having it still not understand some of the basic human elements of life. I don't know, I'm going off on a tangent now, my apologies! Please continue the fantastic work you do Mr. Pressler. I'd so buy a print if I had the means to do so.

Dave Pressler said...

Thanks Jessica! That is great, glad you are supporting R&M it's too bad Nickelodeon can't see the value. I believe thew show was animated in Maya. There are prints available on http://www.thumbtackpress.com/products?utf8=%E2%9C%93&keywords=pressler Also you can contact me through my website davepresslerart.com I'll put you on my mailing list for future projects and shows. Thanks again for the kudos!

Jessica Franco said...

Thanks for letting me know, it totally slipped my mind to go to your site (which, by the way, is filled with lovely art). Maya, I figured that one. I was putting my money on Maya or 3DS Max, seems to be the industry standards. I don't know, I use Blender. I think it's just as good as the others, and free. Anyways. Definitely sign me up for your mailing list! And you're super welcome, your art is kickass.