Friday, November 13, 2009


I am excited and sad for the final Vivisect Playset at Gallery 1988. Thanks to Luke Chueh I was invited to be a part of the very first one. It was me, Luke, young Joe Ledbetter, the always fantastic Peter Gronquist and my friend Thomas Han. Fall of 2004 at a relatively new G1988. It was a great idea, lots new art energy in a new space. I had a blast. I have a great art piece for this final show based on the Endorphin characters, that I first created for the original show. The worst part is I won't be there for the the farewell party. I'll be in Chicago, visiting family and preparing for my Angry Clobber Monkey event at Rotofugi. I will definitely show some pics here on the blog of the finished piece and be thinking of all you guys the night of the show.
Cheers to the Vivisect Playset!

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