Sunday, November 1, 2009


Oh man Halloween is over! I wanted to buy some candy corn, went to the local CVS and there’s santa clause already sneering at me. Threatening holiday cheer. Eventually I found my candy corn. It’s the crappiest candy in the kingdom but one of my favorites. Candy corn is like the fruitcake of Halloween. I love fruitcake too, it gets a bad wrap for no reason, it condensed brandied fruit and nuts, balled up in a spicy cake, all things I love.

I’m getting ready for the Rotofugi Angry Clobber Monkey signing in Chicago Nov 28th. Currently I’m working on a brand new ACM poster to unveil at the signing. Also here in Los Angeles I know that Dark Delicacies Book store in Burbank hosts a signing for local artists who’s work is appearing in the Spectrum book series. I’ll have info on that when it is announced. In past issues I’ve only had work in the sculpture category. This time, for the first time I have an illustration too. I’m very excited. The piece is “The Bearer Of Bad News” it was created for my Imaginary Skies show at M Modern Gallery. The painting was sold but there are nice prints through Thumbtack Press. They do high quality prints of all your favorite artists, including me. I want to encourage everyone to purchase prints from them, bring them to my events and I’ll gladly sign them! The prints they have available are paintings of mine that have been sold long ago. Also if you have a copy of the new Spectrum 16 bring it along.

Looking forward to seeing all my peeps in the Mid-West again! Also if you have an extra fruitcake lying around....

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