Thursday, November 12, 2009


The Angry Clobber Monkey is out and he is (Hate to use such a cliché phrase) selling like hot cakes! Thanks to all the ACM supporters who are making this such a successful art toy! When I was developing the packaging art I did many sketches trying to illustrate a narrative about Doctor Maker and the ACM before I came up with the final versions that appear on the box. My process is to sketch up in blue pencil, tighten up the ones I like in graphite, then finish with ink.

After the packaging was finalized I have a folder full of development art that all work pretty well as stand alone pieces. So I’m selling the collection as individual pieces in nice frames. They vary in size, 8X10 11X17 8X12 all original pen & ink signed, each one of a kind. Here’s a sample 11X17 the larger ones will go for $250 smaller ones $150 Such a deal! Great for the holiday giving season. I’ll have all available pieces up here on the blog by next week. If you are interested contact me through my website.
There’s a limited number of pieces, I’m still sorting through them to get a final count.
So scoop them up while you can!

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