Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I’m posting a small preview of the piece I will have at the final Vivisect Playset Show at Gallery 1988. At the very first show in fall of 2004 I created an installation that featured a new character that I had been playing with. Little round happy flying creatures, some with sharp teeth, at the time we were just referring to them as “The Pigs”.

The first installation in 2004

They evolved over time and became the Endorphins. The Endorphins really came to full evolution by 2007 at my Toy Explosion show. This being the “Final Playset” it only seemed appropriate to actual cut one of these guys open and see what made them go.

I’m no scientist, but doing that lateral dissection of an actual Endorphin was quite fascinating and revealed some unexpected anatomical oddities, sharp teeth, a poison gland, a fairly large stomach that had some interesting content that I will put back in when the specimen is mounted.

Currently I’m coating the body in a preserving shellac, and mounting it in a window box. Come check it out. Maybe for a future show I’ll debone one and taxidermy the skeleton.

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